Godslove Sydney - Covenant Keeping God


With a seemingly overwhelming delivery of Victoria Orenze’s Covenant Keeping God cover, fast-rising Gospel Music soloist and songwriter, Godslove Sydney makes another entry into the industry.

A young undergraduate, who is still active in worshipping God, has taken it upon himself to be an aligning instrument in the spreading of the gospel. It is the highest commission a believer could have, and he has proven this to the world with a remarkable and graceful performance.

Haven released his first music album, titled ‘BreakOut’. This album featured hit singles such as MIRACLE, Hero and a host of others. He has made a comeback to continue his unfailing effort and dedication to the promotion of the gospel through his unique gospel sounds.

Covenant Keeping God’s cover will go down in history as a blessing to everyone who listens to it.

When asked about the song, Sydney said:

‘Thinking about the benefits of God’s Divine provision for us throughout the year, it’s evidence that He’s a COVENANT KEEPING GOD.’

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