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"Through our regular broadcasts, we hope to rekindle the passion for praise, worship..."

Nigerian Gospel Radio was launched exactly 11 years ago. As the name implies, Nigerian Gospel Radio showcases the talents of local Nigerian gospel artists to the world. Since 2011, we have consistently served the Christian community at large, including Nigerians both at home and abroad. More than 1.2 million people tune into Nigerian Gospel Radio each month from over 30 countries.

While Nigerian Gospel Radio focuses on local Nigerian artists, it is an internet-based station that serves the whole wide world and caters for everyone's musical interests. Through our musical shows, and Bible sermons, we aim to share and rekindle the passion for praise and worship with individuals who would not normally listen to a religious radio station. Additionally, we would like to support artists, ministries, chapels, and other Christian organizations, acting as a vehicle to ferry their messages to the world.

Our music policy is to play both traditional and the best of contemporary Nigerian gospel music. Every song in our daily 'worship mix' is carefully chosen with the intention of inspiring courage, hope, and motivation in our listeners.

Once again, welcome to our world! We are pleased to have you here at Nigerian gospel radio!


11 Years On, Time To Show You

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Nigerian gospel radio is run by a small team of volunteers. The station relies solely on these dedicated individuals. Without a doubt, they are the station's greatest asset...
Sienne Kenneth Mukoro

(Xstation Manager)

Misozi Mukoro


Dav Moore


George Osuwa
(Creative Designer)

Isabella Obalola
(Music Editor)

Now that you've met us, it would be a pleasure to hear from you. Leave a voicenote for us. Tell us where you are listening.
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