Nigerian Gospel radio brand assets and guidelines

Radio listening habits have changed dramatically over the past ten years, with listeners having more choice than ever before. Instead of traditional radio sets, people are increasingly listening to radio through smart phones, car entertainment systems, and other wearables.

On a substantial number of smart devices available on the market, Nigerian gospel radio comes bundled with some pre-installed applications. As a result, we ensure that our broadcasts remain compatible with a wide range of devices and gear.

Equipment manufacturers (OEM)

Our content is available to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and manufacturers of internet-connected devices for free both for personal and commercial use. You do not need our permission and contacting us is not necessary. Providing credits to Nigerian Gospel Radio is not mandatory also (but much appreciated and encouraged).

However you must link back to our website ( and let us know where and how our content is being used. With listening habits shifting to newer technologies, we are compiling a list of smart devices that have our radio pre-installed, and letting us know will be of great help to us.

Usage Examples (Where no permission is required)

*  Smart Equipment (including Amazon Echo and Google Home)
*  Set-top boxes (including Sky Q, Freeview Play, Freesat, Virgin TV and Roku)
*  Smart speakers & Voice-activated Equipment (including Alexa, Sonos and similar)
*  Wearable devices (including smartwatches)
*  Smart TVs

Usage Examples (Where permission and authorisation is required )

Bundled Applications (Such as mobile Applications, including Android & Apple apps)

Brand Assets

Nigerian Gospel Radio is a "non-profit organization" (NPO). In other words, you can download and use our official logos, graphics, and creative assets for free both personally and commercially.
Download all brand assets (zip)
Our content may be used without restriction, but you must not use our logo, graphics, or branding in any way that could be misleading, confusing, or suggest our endorsement, sponsorship, or affiliation without our consent.
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