Agbani Horsfall - iSurrender & iTestify


Currently available on all digital platforms, Nigerian gospel singer-songwriter and recording artist, Agbani Horsfall, releases her double-album, “ iSurrender & iTestify “The upcoming double-album project was first unveiled in August at “Agbani Horsfall Live In Concert”, which featured guest appearances from highly celebrated gospel ministers including the iconic Panam Percy Paul, Solomon Lange, and More.

In addition to demonstrating Agbani’s versatility and vocal prowess, “I surrender & “iTestify” consists of fifteen (15) uplifting tracks that cross a wide range of genres, including Highlife, Contemporary Rock, Reggae, Salsa, RNB, and Praise-worship. The songs in this collection include praise, gratitude, testimony, and surrender.

David Peace, Geoginal Nwanyimma and Ema Onyx are among the guests on “iSurrender,” while Jefferson Odiete and Ema Onyx are among the guests on “iTestify.”

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