Amaka Okwuoha is her full name. Her birthday is 12th February. She was born in 1972. Amaka Okwuoha is a gospel singer and songwriter born in Nigeria and known professionally as Chioma Jesus. One of her most popular songs is Chioma, released in 2003. Imo State, Eastern Nigeria, is where she comes from. Born in Abia state, she is the eldest child of seven siblings. Since she can remember, she and her siblings have lived in poverty. She lost both of her parents when she was very young, Nze Euzebius Chukwumaeze Ebizie of Amanator and Lolo Dorathy Ebizie of Ogboza Autonomous Community. Her career began as a food trader before she became famous in the music industry.

Evangelist Callistus Okwuoha is Chioma Jesus’ husband and they have three children together. When she was nine, she started singing in her church’s choir. She later became a soloist and chorus leader in her church’s Scripture Union Fellowship. Although she wrote her first song in Yoruba, she mostly writes in Igbo and sometimes, in the English language. Her song “Praise” became a hit in 2011. Her album ‘My Testimony’ was released in 2019.

A long time before gospel music became financially lucrative, Chioma Jesus inspired everyone to sing along to her worship songs. Generally, she sang in her native Igbo dialect, so you didn’t have to understand what she was saying. Her voice did not just touch you and make you feel like you were a part of a higher power but it had a way of making sense too.

Besides learning other Nigerian languages, Chioma Jesus incorporated them into her music Since then, she has made a name for herself as one of Nigeria’s most famous gospel singers. She has won a variety of awards and travelled far and wide thanks to her music.

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