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Our free music submissions feature is a regular feature on our website, and we receive a large number of submissions every month. Our follow-up correspondence may take some time, but you can rest assured that we read, listen, and watch everything sent to us.

Though, it is imperative to note that not all submissions can be featured. If your campaign is critical, you may choose our guaranteed feature, which is a premium service and given top priority.

The upload form (below) should only be used for the submission of your media kit or album cover. Use this link instead if you do not have a media kit or press release.


Regular feature: Things to remember

1. Your bio should be accompanied by high quality photographs of yourself.

2. Please send the final version of the information. We do not rewrite your content; we publish what you send to us.

3. Media kits and press releases should not be emailed to ANY of our email addresses (they won't be processed). All submissions should be made via the upload page below.

Additionally, we welcome submissions of upcoming songs, videos, and projects. Upon acceptance of your submission, we will promote it on our site, other networks, as well as our social media handles (Facebook/Twitter/Telegram/Instagram).

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